Better Home Access Consultations

better home access consultantsWe are independent living strategist.  Our purpose is to anticipate possible courses of action that may take place in the future concerning each aging in place or disables individual and provide matching suggestion or solution(s) to each specific personal situation.  We include the following points:

  • We assist in identifying issues. We look at a 1,-3,-5 and 15 year game plan. As time passes, each individual’s condition will change (at varying rates). While it is not possible to predict HOW someone’s condition will change, it is certain that it WILL change.  We understand this principle and are flexible so that depending on what happens, different options and solutions can be put into play.
  • We want to stay in touch! Once a plan is put into place we want to monitor the solutions we put in place. The scheduled checks will allow maintenance checks on any equipment and to check if any changes or adjustments need to be made to the current plan (by us or another part of the team)
  • We have many referral sources that complement our services.  In addition, if we come across a situation or a need that our company does not have expertise, we will refer you to one or our many trusted referral partners who has the expertise for your particular situation.
  • We facilitate the potential for you to remain independent and safe in your home.

What to expect at a consultation?

We have different type of consultations:

  1. If you are looking for suggestions on what can be done to allow you to stay at home or facilitate a love one with needs to live with you safely.
    1. An hourly consulting fee will be charged, however if a solution is implemented we will credit 50% of the consulting bill to the final bill.
  2. If you need a written report of findings. We write reports (with pictures) that identify the potential issue, the suggested solution and the estimated cost.
    1. An hourly consulting fee with be charged, however if a solution is implemented we will credit 50% of the consulting bill to the final bill
    2. A report fee will be charged (charges are based on the size of the report)
  3. If you know (or think you may know) the solution you need, we give FREE estimates.

What an Independent Living Strategist Does

We are a team player that works with your existing physical & Occupational therapist and medical team. Together we help…

  1. Assists in identifying issues.
  2. Documents existing conditions of building, daily routines and resources.
  3. Devises solutions, including home modifications and equipment.
  4. Empowers the client to evaluate and choose a solution.
  5. Prepares drawing, specifications and lists for contractors, suppliers and installers.  Provides equipment when appropriate.
  6. Orchestrates, facilitates and supervises construction/installation.
  7. Follow-up and tune-up to assure a working system.
  8. Provides referral to community resources for an integrated system.
  9. Facilitates the potential to remain independent.

If you or a loved is need of any of the products or services featured on this page, give us call or contact us online so that we may help you or your loved one with their accessibility options.