Home Safety Solutions

Many home Safety Solutions are small and non-intrusive however they can increase the ease of a task and give peace of mind.  There are some home safety covers that are more in-depth and can be overwhelming! We have highlighted a few things on this page, however, below are a few examples that should also be considered – (not all inclusive).

  • Has anyone in your home noticed or cleaning any mold growth in the past year?
  • Does your home have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?
  • Where do you store household cleaners?
  • Do you have allergies? Do you notice if your allergies are better or worse when you leave a building or get home?
  • Does water pool or puddle outside your home (especially on a walkway or driveway)?
  • Have you noticed any water stains on ceilings or walls?

The answer to some common questions, could be a simple recommendation or an explanation, or it could result in a referral to an expert.

If you or a loved is need of any of the products or services featured on this page, give us call or contact us online so that we may help you or your loved one with their accessibility options.