Kitchen Accessibility

kitchen accessibility

The kitchen is a place in the home that is necessary (and sometimes enjoyable) to access. Some things to consider:

  • Getting close to any of the cabinets
  • Taking items out of wall cabinets or off of shelves
  • Taking items out of lower cabinets
  • Opening drawers
  • Using counter and/or workspaces
  • Reaching the kitchen faucet controls
  • Getting close enough to the kitchen sink
  • Using any appliance in the kitchen
  • Opening any appliance and putting item in or taking items out of the appliance

Possible Solutions

  • Various height work spaces
  • Raised appliances (example dishwasher)
  • Lowered appliances (example microwave)
  • Storage solutions (example rotating shelving)


If you or a loved is need of any of the products or services featured on this page, give us call or contact us online so that we may help you or your loved one with their accessibility options.