Around the Home Accessibility

Being able to access the important parts of your home safely are extremely important to remaining in your home as long as possible.  Areas that are common concerns are:

  • Getting in and out of your house
  • Going up and down interior stairs
  • Moving around the house (hallways, doorways)
  • Using the bathroom
  • Using the bedroom
  • Using the kitchen


Home Modification Issues

  1. Safely and securely entering and leaving the house.
  2. Moving around the house, which often means getting up and down stairs, widening doors and hallways and improving task and general lighting.
  3. Getting into and out of bed and dressed.
  4. Safe use of the bathroom for the client and any current and future caregivers.  This includes bathing, using toilet and sink.
  5. Meal preparation and eating.
  6. Home administration includes sorting the mail, paying bills, etc.
  7. Entertainment in the home, i.e. reading, music, guest, T.V, etc.
  8. Fulfill needs and activities with as little personal energy use as possible so other activities can be chosen.
  9. Enjoying the outdoors.  This includes places to relax, yard work and gardening.

Around the House Products

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Product Description 1 - Open Sesame Door Systems pic

If you or a loved is need of any of the products or services featured on this page, give us call or contact us online so that we may help you or your loved one with their accessibility options.